In the documents below you can see the structure of the school year 2010-2011; the green marks our holidays, weekends and other free days.

Structura anului scolar 2010-2011 este prezentata in documentul de mai jos. Toate zilele colorate cu verde sunt libere.


In our school there are 27 classes: 13 primary classes (years I-IV) and 14 secondary ones (years V-VIII).

In scoala noastra exista 27 de clase: 13 clase primare si 14 clase gimnaziale.

Clasa I A – Inv. Sapatoru Elena

Clasa I B – Inst. Morun Valentina                

Clasa I C – Inv. Cosug Maricica        

Clasa II A – Inv. Lupu-Neicu Marioara                        

Clasa II B – Inv. Grigorica Gheorghe      

Clasa II C – Inst. Lazar Luminita       

Clasa III A – Prof. Perju Gina Nicoleta

Clasa III B – Inv. Tabacaru Laura   

Clasa III C – Prof. Lazar Marinela

Clasa IV A – Inv. Bujor Luminita

Clasa IV B – Prof. Cojocaru Jenica

Clasa IV C – Inv. Crisan Mariana     

Clasa IV D – Inv. Ene Liliana

Clasa V A – Prof. Calin Ionelia

Clasa V B – Prof. Cretu Valeriu        

Clasa V C – Prof. Mihalache Maria

Clasa VI A – Prof. Calugaru Viorica

Clasa VI B – Prof. Matei Silvia

Clasa VI C – Prof. Vasile Mihai

Clasa VI D – Prof. Katler Dana      

Clasa VII A – Prof. Florescu Aurelia

Clasa VII B – Prof. Strat Adriana

Clasa VII C – Prof. Munteanu Georgiana

Clasa VIII A – Prof. Calin Liliana

Clasa VIII B – Prof. Hutanu Ana

Clasa VIII C – Prof. Talaba Gabriela  

Clasa VIII D – Prof. Tobias Silvia-Daniela

Director – Moraru Maria

Director adjunct – Hutanu Ana-Viorica